Corporate clients

Market maker

We support the active circulation of a financial instrument on the secondary market, we announce a quotation for the purchase and sale. Minimize sharp deviations and maintain prices.

Range of services

  • Maintenance of liquidity of the over-the-counter market;
  • Maintenance of quotations and price level of the traded instrument;
  • Increase of "instant" liquidity, trading volumes and demand for the instrument;
  • Execution of the requirements of the exchange to maintain the paper in the first level of listing.


Flexible pricing system
The ability to maintain quotes from the company's own account

How to become a customer?

Provide the necessary information for drafting contracts and other documents from our website
Employees of the Company will form a package of documents and send it to you within 1-2 days
After acquaintance with the package of documents, you should sign them and submit them to the Company together with your documents listed in the list
After signing documents from our side, you take your copies of documents
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