Corporate clients

Financial consulting

We provide a full package of services for the placement of securities. We advise on the forthcoming issue and placement of securities.

Range of services

  • Preparation of client documents for state registration of CB issues;
  • Development of conditions (type of security, amount, term) of securities issue;
  • Approval of reports on the results of issuance and placement of securities, cancellation of issues;
  • Preparation of the prospectus and the investment memorandum;
  • Registration of the securities issue with the authorized body;
  • Assistance in listing on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange;
  • Active marketing of the forthcoming issue to all potential investors;
  • Placement of the client's securities;
  • Transfer of securities from one official list category to another;
  • Writing regular analytical reports for clients in order to maintain successful relations with investors and improve their image.


issues of securities was organized by us
issuers issuing securities (underwriting)
3 times
the company received the award of KASE as the best underwriter


Huge experience of listing the largest commercial and national companies
Knowledge of the specifics of working with complex structural projects
Ability to work with innovative financial instruments

How to become a customer?

Provide the necessary information for drafting contracts and other documents from our website
Employees of the Company will form a package of documents and send it to you within 1-2 days
After acquaintance with the package of documents, you should sign them and submit them to the Company together with your documents listed in the list
After signing documents from our side, you take your copies of documents
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